Sunny Sue takes you to the Austrian Alps…

So this is the lovely Sunbonnet Sue from Austria (pattern from International Sunbonnet Sue) — she’s waving around a sheaf of music.  Austria has made many contributions to the fine arts, but it’s best known for its contributions to classical music.  In fact, Austria has been the birthplace of many famous classical composers such as Johann Strauss Sr, Johann Strauss Jr, Joseph Haydn, Michael Haydn, Franz Schubert, and Anton Bruckner.   Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born in Salzburg, Austria, and spent the majority of his musical career in Vienna.   Ludwig Van Beethoven also spent much of his lifetime involved in the Viennese music scene.  Austria also contributed the likes of Gustav Klimt, Egon Schiele, and Friedensreich Hundertwasser to the world of art.   Vienna itself harbors all kinds of treasures in the form of museums, galleries, palaces, restaurants, and cafes.

Unfortunately, the things that I enjoyed most about Austria are a little bit more, ahem, low brow.  For instance, among my best memories are the lunches or dinners with friends at an excellent steak house in Bruck, Austria.   The beer was excellent there – icy cold and tasty.   We went on more than one “wine tasting” in upper Austria, which involved in moving from winery to winery (or better, wine cave to wine cave), checking out the vintage.  We didn’t know much about wine, but we knew what we liked!   And since I’m a quilter, I did visit the Exquisity Patchwork quilt shop in Vienna several times – even though I knew it was quite expensive, I couldn’t help myself and did buy many beautiful fabrics and notions there!!   And never miss the sacher torte and Viennese coffee if you visit — truly lovely..  I also enjoy driving through the many little hamlets and villages throughout Austria during spring and summer — I admire the window boxes cheerily overflowing with many hues of geraniums.  Austria is an exquisite country – I hope I’ve inspired you to travel there.  I hope I’ve also inspired you to quilt, applique or embroider.

I leave you with this photo of a ceramic mask found hanging from a plant in the backyard of a tea house my family likes to visit on lazy Sunday afternoons.   The tea house exudes the same calm serenity as this mask, and they boast some lovely Indian teas and delicious desserts.  Enjoy life – it’s short.


One thought on “Sunny Sue takes you to the Austrian Alps…

  1. Perfect costume for Austria (love the hair and the sheet music)! I have been a great fan of classical music since I was a child in school, playing the piano with Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata! Can’t wait to see the next one!

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