Sunbonnet Sue goes cuckoo for Germany!

Isn’t Sunbonnet Sue lovely?  She’s positively blooming as a German lass, her costume bright and cheerful and exactly what you might see at any Oktoberfest!   I can just see her plunking a handful of beer mugs on a table and filling them to the brim with lovely (warm!) German draft beer.   I can  taste the sausages and mustard washed down with that lovely brew, and see her dancing to the German Schottisches and polkas as accordions dance in the background!

I love it that she’s holding that icon of German culture — the cuckoo clock.   One of my older brothers served in the military and was stationed in Germany.   Of course, without a doubt, he brought home a cuckoo clock for the parental unit.  It took pride of place in our living room, but I don’t think it ever really kept good time.  It had to be wound by hand, and, well, I think only my Dad ever remembered to wind it.   And that was only on Sundays.   Our cuckoo clock made a little sound just before the bird came out, always giving someone an opportunity to say, “You are…” “Cuckoo! Cuckoo! Cuckoo!”  It never failed as an instrument of torture!   Which reminds me of King Ludwig the II of Bavaria — also known as the “Swan King” or the “Fairytale King” or, let’s cut to the chase, “Mad King Ludwig”.   Since the cuckoo clock is a product of the Black Forest of Bavaria, perhaps it’s called the cuckoo! clock in honor of the Mad King.   I have no facts to support this idea, but I do leave you with one of the Swan King’s most famous sayings, “I wish to remain as an eternal enigma to myself and to others.”   Ponder that, and then discuss, discuss, discuss amongst yourselves!

I’m leaving you with a lovely red petunia to match Sunny Sue’s dress.   Aren’t petunias the happiest of flowers and such vibrant, rich colors!   I love to see a whole mess of them flowing out of their containers in my front yard.  I hope you are inspired to embroider, to applique, to quilt, and maybe to go a little cuckoo yourself.   Enjoy, no matter what you do.