Sunbonnet Sue picks flowers in El Salvador!

This time around, Sunbonnet Sue visits El Salvador, proudly carrying the country’s national flower, flores  de izote, in her arms.   Sunny Sue is all dressed up in happy yellow gown dressed up with purple and aqua lace and she’s wearing some extra flowers in her hair.   I’m using some vintage lingerie lace that my mom gave to me a few years ago – it was really going to waste in my sewing box.   I think it looks quite pretty and reminds me of the real national dress, loaded down with gewgaws, ribbons, and ruffles.

So what about that flor de izote, huh?   Look it up on the web, because it is truly a lovely flower.  It’s actually the flower from the Izote tree, a member of the Yucca tree family.  You might be more familiar with it as the Joshua tree.   This tree looks great as a hedgerow, and here’s the best part:  the flowers are edible.

Yes, flores de izote are edible – both the flowers and the pistils, but separately.   If you known someone in Central America with an Izote tree in their front yard, you might want to see how they like to cook them.  One recipe I’ve seen calls for eggs, flores de izote, breadcrumbs, and salt, mixed together, formed into patties, and fried.  It doesn’t sound bad, does it?  If you like to eat flowers, I mean.  However, I’ve heard the flores can be a little bitter, but some people like that taste.  And from what I understand, the pistils are usually pickled.  I’m sure that’s good too, and I usually like anything pickled.

Speaking of Salvadoran flowers, Christy Turlington, one of the supermodels, is an American of Salvadoran ancestry.  She’s best known perhaps for her Calvin Klein ads from 1987-2007.    El Salvador has some great beaches.   If you’re into surfing, you’ll want to check out the waves – I can promise relatively decent accommodations, mid-size waves, and relatively uncrowded.     And who knows, maybe you’ll run into Christy visiting the home of her ancestors….

And while you’re waiting for the right waves, you might want to take a minute to enjoy a pupusa….  Pupusas are thick corn tortillas stuffed with cheese, beans, or fried pork.   If you want a real treat, you’ll try to find a pupusa with Loroco cheese (it’s a vine flower bud native to Central America).   Alas, it is not flores de izote!   After they’re grilled, they are served with a curtido, usually pickled onion and carrot slivers.   Piping hot, they are fabulous!

Well, I hope that I’ve inspired you to embroider, to applique, to quilt, or to spend some time eating flowers!   Well, okay, I may not convince you to eat flowers, but why don’t you enjoy this flower from my yard instead?   Until very soon, take care and be in peace……  Happy Halloween!