Sunny Sue rides the pampas in Argentina…

If you’re like me, you love a good-looking cowboy.   Well, this Sunbonnet Sue fits the bill dressed as an Argentinean gaucho with a love for soccer (pattern from International Sunbonnet Sue book).    If you’ve been around Argentina at all, you won’t be surprised at this depiction of Sunbonnet Sue.   Gauchos were the nomads of the South American pampas or chacos — similar to North America’s great plains.   The gauchos moved with the cattle herds, just as cowboys in the American West did, and they carried with them the same reputation as honest, proud, strong, and silent characters, capable of killing a horse thief in a dry gulch while catching the eye of the prettiest girls with a tip of their hat and a wink at a hoedown.  What was the reality?  Probably lots less romantic than we want to hear about….and a lot dirtier and smellier…yikes!

Argentineans are passionate about soccer too.  Argentina’s national football team has one many world and regional titles, and soccer consumes the interest of much of the Argentinean population.  In fact, if you’re at a bar or cafe while an important game is playing,  you might as well pick a team and join in the fun!   Hey, I hope I’ve inspired you to kiss a cowboy or play a game of soccer.

I’m leaving you with this lovely fuschia geranium from my front yard to enjoy.   It’s a beauty!   Have yourself a great day!


One thought on “Sunny Sue rides the pampas in Argentina…

  1. Love this Sue, too! Very appropriate costume and cute soccer ball. Cowboys, huh? Love ’em … especially Roy Rogers, and TOM SELLECK (Yum)! I’m loving my world tour … where are we going next???

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